I think Val is jealous of her legs. And her height, probably. He’s such a shortie…

Some quick pictures if the stuff I got myself from taobao :) Asukas shorts, the black cardigan and the stockings are new. Val got himself a (freaking perfekt) leather jacket and some awesome leggings/pants. Got myself some MSD socks, another pair of SD stockings and lots of lashes too - oh and glasses for Duncan, but he doesn’t have ears, so… well xD No pictures of these.



hiii, here’s a bit of recent imagination stuff, gestures, and studies. a bit busy with deadlines for work and still learning to balance social life…but i’m around :D 

by the way, thanks for the followers and support, i was surprised when i opened up my tumblr today. can’t believe anyone looks at this shat * - * i…yeah, honestly, thank you so much!